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His Kids Too! has long standing relationships with 27 orphan facilities, children hospitals, Internots, shelters, we visit them on each trip, to assess needs and check on accountability of donations.  They profusely thank us, we do not require a formal letter, but have translated those who have written letters of thanks, below for your review.

January 30, 2006

To: His Kids, Too!

The staff of the preschool psychoneurological sanatorium #2, the patients and their parents would like to express to you their sincere appreciation and thankfulness for the regular unconditional charitable help for disabled children who are receiving treatment in our sanatorium.

We thank you for always opening your hearts to children, for sowing in the children’s spirits the seeds of kindness and for kindling in their hearts the flame of faith, hope and love. We hope that all of this will produce results and that the children will grow to be respectful and responsive to others.

Chief Doctor of the Community Treatment-Prevention Establishment


These letters were received from Rich and Teresa’s students who attended Bible Camp in the summer of 2005

From: Sasha Z.

My name is Sasha Z. I like to play football and badminton and basketball, and listen to music. I have no family, and I live in the boarding school. I consider the director, Ludmilla V. to be my mom and I love her. I’ve got to know a lot about God and Jesus at the camp. I would like to thank Teresa, Richard and the interpreters, because they us a lot. I got to the camp without any troubles, and I was very glad, because I liked everybody. Most of all I like to make crafts, to perform, and to read the Bible.

From: Vlad

My name is Vlad. I like to play football. I’ve got to know about God and Jesus in the camp. I would like to thank everybody for the camp. My friend told me about this camp. I liked everything, because I had a good time. Most of all, I liked presents and the stories.

From: Anton

I live with my grandmother who is my tutor. My father doesn’t have any relationship and my mother, he is in prison. I learned a lot at the classes about the bible and met a lot of good people, you for example. I would like to thank all of you for you being so nice and kind and I’m looking forward to seeing you again next year. To get to the camp I have been looking for Lena V. so that she could register me and I am very glad to be here. I attended this camp last year and I liked it very much. I liked every single thing there and there is nothing about it that I didn’t like.

From: Vorontsov 1

I live in the boarding school. I have no parents. I am an orphan. I consider our director to be my mom. I’ve got to know about about the bible. Most of I would like to thank Teresa and Richard and the interpreters Ola, Nastya, and Denis. I’m in the camp because I am an orphan. I’m very glad. I like when Americans tell and here is a lot of fun. We played football. Most of all I liked to perform and go to school 10. I liked CJ very much.

From: Oleg

I like to play football, soccer, basketball, and to draw. I’ve got to know more about god and this is going to help me choose the right lifeline. I would like to thank Teresa for trying to do something good, Judy and Bill for organizing everything, Richard, and the interpreters. I like everything here most of all. I like the performance on stage, to make crafts listen to the stories form Richard, Teresa, and CJ.

From: Alyosha

I have been living at this school for 8 years already. I like it. I would like to thank CJ for his interesting stories; I liked everything at the camp.

From: Daniel

I’m a student of the boarding school, and I’m in the 11th grade. I like to play basketball. I learned that it’s necessary to love God and to respect older people. I would like to thank Richard for his lectures about bible, and Teresa. I just came here and I was very happy that Americans came. I enjoy when Americans talk about their own lives.

From: Vitya

I’m in the 10th form and I like to play basketball. I am a member of our tourism club. I’ve gotten to know a lot of useful and interesting things in this camp, especially I would like to thank Teresa, Richard, interpreters, and of course Judy and bill. I liked the topics at classes, going outside, eating, and teachers.

From: Maxim

In the camp I learned more about God. I would like to thank Teresa for her love the to children and for treating with kindness. I am in the camp thanks to Ludmila. I was very pleased because I like to communicate with Americans. Most of all I liked looking at pictures of Christina.

From: Alina

We learned how to trust, respect, and forgive and a lot about god. I would like to thank Teresa and of course the interpreters. They were so good and nice to us. I am grateful for everything. I’m in the camp because I live here, at first I was not very pleased I thought it would be boring but I was wrong.

From: Sasha

I’ve got to know a lot about God and Jesus. I would like to thank Teresa, Richard, and interpreters because they pleased us a lot. Most of all I liked to make crafts, to perform and to read the bible.

November 11, 2003

November 11, 2003

Students and facility of the Dzerzhinsk Orphanage for minors left without parents’ care sent our thanks and appreciation to our dear American friends. Every time Teresa visits us- she warms the hearts of all the kids. They wait for her to come more and more, and can’t wait till the next visit of Teresa. Thanks to her, they not only get many presents, but also get to know about life of their peers in America. Every child thoroughly enjoyed their presents. Everybody got a pair of new slippers, socks, towels, soap, toothbrush, comb, clothes, new crayons, and some table games. Kids also enjoy their new sheets!

Thank you very much for all your help. God bless you.

Students and staff of the Dzerzhinsk Orphanage.

Dear American friends!

We, students of a public Boarding School in Dzerzhinsk are always glad to meet with you! Not just happy to see you, but wait until the next time our friends from across the ocean will come to visit. Thank you very much for all the presents you bring every time. We really appreciate them and value your thoughtfulness and wisdom when you answer our questions. This kind of meetings gives us a little more care and attention that we lack sometimes.

Our beloved and very respected Teresa Fillmon appears to be a little “connection” between Ukrainian and American friends. This also helps the friendship between America and Ukraine.

July 3, 2003

The administration of the children’s hospital Teremok in Donetsk want to show our deep appreciation and thank you for your huge constant help that you give to invalid kids in our hospital. Because of His Kids, Too! concern and care for sick children, the stay in our hospital is a lot better for the kids. They get more nutrition, better medical help, clothing, chairs with wheels, and have a great opportunity to watch the TV and play with nice toys. Many children can’t get any of this even at home, thanks to you these kids what they need to become a little more healthy every day.

Thank you for your kind hearts, warmth and help you give to he kids who start their lives as invalids, but are not left without care and love.

July 2, 2003

Dear Friends!

We are happy to thank you all for your kind, opened hearts to our kids (orphans and neglected children). This summer of 2003, our kids were happy to attend a Vacation Bible Camp, which was directed by Judy Henderson and Teresa Fillmon. Our children enjoyed not only the Bible classes, but also the chance to communicate with all the teachers: Richard, Eric, Ouida, Diane. Children also got to meet the helpers, translators and all the family of Teresa Fillmon.

It was hard for all the kids to say good-bye to all the people who worked at the camp and will be waiting to have it once again, next year, if it’s possible. All the teachers staff are very thankful for all the presents our kids got. They loved the stuffed animals and sleep with them every night. They also enjoy their new clothes and shoes, and we always need medicine, and sport toys. During last school year our kids were getting a lot of help not only from His Kids, Too!, but also from Bill Wharton. Because of this assistance our children are getting better nutrition, which is so important for their well being. Thank you very much for all the good things you all do for the kids.

From all the teachers and children of the Dzerzhinsk boarding school

July 2, 2003

Staff and students of the Dzerzhinsk orphanage for minors and neglected children want to say our words of appreciation to the director of His Kids, Too!, Teresa Fillmon. Thank you so much for your care and attention, clothes, shoes and toys that you give to our children. Let your following years be successful and every day of your life be full of happiness from the work you do for children.

The director of the Dzerzhinsk orphanage

N.M. Stadnik.

January 2003

This letter was sent from the Director in response to the huge outpouring of donations from students at Florida Elementary School (Tallahassee, FL) and Raa Middle School (Tallahassee, FL), some of these donations were distributed during the Christmas Holidays, and the rest will be distributed in Spring of 2003.

January 2003

Hello Dear Young Friends!

The Administration of Dzerzhinsk boarding school greatly thanks you for your consideration towards our children! Orphans from our school received many useful and beautiful Christmas presents. Thank you very much for your great help, your care and hard work. We greatly thank Mrs. Fillmon and her family for the bridge of friendship they have built between our countries. We are also thankful for your warm letters and we hope to become friends with you! You are always welcome to our school!

The Director of the Dzerzhinsk Boarding School


Dear His Kids Too!,

Thank you very much for coming to our town, to our orphanage. It is happiness for us to have a friend like you, especially now when we have so many troubles. Each of your visits is a little holiday for children in our orphanage and each child needs warm consideration and care, maybe more attentive care than other children. And just like other children they love to get presents. Thanks to you dear Teresa, from people of Church of Christ Jesus, and from you dear Americans, our children got many beautiful presents, shoes, clothes, toys, food and medicines. The eyes of our children shine from happiness when they received your presents and many of them slept with their favorite toys and even in their new clothes and shoes. Dear American friends we are gratefully thankful for your attention kindness and your understanding of our problems.

It is a gift of destiny, fortunate destiny that we have such beautiful friends in America. It doesn’t matter that we are divided with thousands of kilo. It is so nice to realize that friends help you and support you. People say that all warmth on earth is from the sun, but all kindness on earth is from people. Thank you very much for your kindness and warmth. Dear American friend, you have many problems in your country now, we sympathize with you in these difficult days, God bless you for your open hearts, souls and your endless generosity.

Sincerely yours,

Children from Orphanage

Staff from Orphanage

Director of Orphanage Milea Stadnik

We, the pupils of the Boarding School are deeply grateful for your sympathetic attention to Ukrainian children. There are 486 pupils in our school and just like all children, they like to get presents. There are 104 orphans, in our large school family, school is both house and family for them. We give special gratitude from our orphans who are always glad for your consideration.

When you come to our school it is a real holiday for us. Boys have new balls for their games and sports, new shirts and shoes too. Girls have skipping ropes, art materials, and ‘smart dresses’. Many new colored and white towels adorn our bedrooms, and new white sheets on our beds. These are many of the presents from our American friends. Our countries are divided with thousands of kilometers, but thanks to Mrs. Fillmon, and other Americans, who help His Kids, Too! we now have warm clothes, friendship and support.

We are proud of being friends with you. Friendship is security of assistance and support for us, especially when we have so many troubles. Dear friends, we all candidly sympathize with your sorrow, caused by the terrorist attacks. We believe that good in Earth must gain a victory over evil. Kindness will save the world and good deeds will strengthen a friendship between peoples.

Thank you for your assistance,

The Pupils of a Boarding School in Ukraine