July 2, 2003

Dear Friends!

We are happy to thank you all for your kind, opened hearts to our kids (orphans and neglected children). This summer of 2003, our kids were happy to attend a Vacation Bible Camp, which was directed by Judy Henderson and Teresa Fillmon. Our children enjoyed not only the Bible classes, but also the chance to communicate with all the teachers: Richard, Eric, Ouida, Diane. Children also got to meet the helpers, translators and all the family of Teresa Fillmon.

It was hard for all the kids to say good-bye to all the people who worked at the camp and will be waiting to have it once again, next year, if it’s possible. All the teachers staff are very thankful for all the presents our kids got. They loved the stuffed animals and sleep with them every night. They also enjoy their new clothes and shoes, and we always need medicine, and sport toys. During last school year our kids were getting a lot of help not only from His Kids, Too!, but also from Bill Wharton. Because of this assistance our children are getting better nutrition, which is so important for their well being. Thank you very much for all the good things you all do for the kids.

From all the teachers and children of the Dzerzhinsk boarding school

July 2, 2003

Staff and students of the Dzerzhinsk orphanage for minors and neglected children want to say our words of appreciation to the director of His Kids, Too!, Teresa Fillmon. Thank you so much for your care and attention, clothes, shoes and toys that you give to our children. Let your following years be successful and every day of your life be full of happiness from the work you do for children.

The director of the Dzerzhinsk orphanage

N.M. Stadnik.

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