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His Kids, Too! Helps Orphans and those in need due to the illegal invasion from russia in Ukraine

His Kids, Too! is committed to serve anyone in need. Jesus did not show favoritism because of race, religion, education, appearance, age or gender. Each time we visit Ukraine we are asked to help orphans, the elderly, single parent families, the homeless, the mentally ill, the ex-prisoner, the disabled, churches, etc. And each time, God supplies the funds (because of YOU) to help these deserving people.

Presently, His Kids Too is focused on helping people find a safe place to evacuate, temporary housing, food, water, clothing, medical assistance.    All our original programs have been put on ‘hold’, as people seek safe shelter.  His Kids Too staff have moved to the interior of Ukraine, and 2 have moved from Ukraine.   We continue to serve refugees in our present location.

His Kids, Too! is committed to sharing Gods love in a tangible way providing humanitarian aid, health care and educational opportunities to orphans and others in Ukraine. (I John 3:18) His Kids Too!, a non-profit 501(3)C organization, is remembering orphans, street children. Funded completely by public contributions, with 100% of funds going directly to aid God’s people, we rely on God and the public to provide the funds for our ministry.

His Kids Too! provides aid to several groups of people.


Due to the illegal invasion in Ukraine, millions of people have been displaced, wounded, and killed.  Some children have lost all their family members,  and are wandering the streets.  Because all men ages 17-60 could not leave Ukraine, many women and children are now displaced throughout Europe, waiting for this ‘war’ to stop; waiting to be reunited with their spouses, fathers, brothers, sons.   His Kids Too has been displaced to central Ukraine where we continue to serve the people with food, clothing, shoes, medical care, personal care bags, and comfort as they are  transporting through to safer areas in Western UA.


*At the present, all orphans have been transported to Western Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Moldova.  The general public can not visit orphans at this time.

Ukraine (pop. 55 million) is home to over 100,000 orphans. But not all those orphans are adoptable, or even registered to be adopted. Many are displaced in the system, waiting on the system to work for them.  These ‘displaced’ children could qualify to live in our foster home.  We will be seeking sponsorship for these children, once they are placed in the home.

*Babies left at the birth hospital or local orphanage.

Children are abandoned by parents for several reasons:

  • Economic
  • Physical or mental challenge that the child may have

Children are housed in orphanage facilities in the following age categories:

  • 0-4 – Baby house
  • 4 – 6 – Children’s Home
  • 6 (school age) – 18 – Internot
Many older orphans are housed in temporary ‘shelter’ type facilities, where they stay for 3 months then are shifted back to home, to an ‘Internot’ facility for older orphaned children (6-18).

Many children are displaced in the system, and are never registered, thus, can not be adopted. His Kids Too! is presently in the process of purchasing a building for such children. This loving, Christian children’s home will be a place for these displaced children to live and thrive. Please contact us for more information

The needs are great, but because of YOUR help, His Kids, Too! is making a difference child by child, orphanage by orphanage. Most of the orphanage directors we spoke with are loving, caring individuals who expressed needs for simple items for the children: socks, shoes, balls, and similar things. We hope that by looking at the photos in our Photo Gallery you can share in some of the joy that comes when you meet sincere needs.

*Aging out – the Older Orphans:

*At this time, many aged out orphans have been forced into the army, Ukraine is in need of ‘all hands on deck’ to defend their democracy.

Depending on which educational direction an orphans decides to take, or any educational direction at all, orphans can leave the system at 16, or 18.  They can continue to receive benefits, until they are 23, again depending on what direction they decide to go.  The problem exists that many orphans are so tired of being told ‘what’, how, and when to do things, they just hit the streets and never look back.  Many see no value in education, nor do they want to abide by the rules of the educational facilities to be able to reside and learn in those facilities.     Many times, you might hear that orphans are homeless, street children; that may be true in some situations, but this is usually because they do not want to abide by the rules of the facility, whether they are 14 or 20, there is government help available, but there are ‘strings’ attached.  So when you are giving money to street kids, remember, they probably will use that money for alcohol, drugs, fast food, and they will continue to panhandle; a better scenario would be to inquire their age, name, and find out ‘where’ they might stay and receive some help; but if you don’t want to do that, at the very least buy them some food, and give them food, but don’t give money.

The average orphan pension is 1000 – 2500*gh monthly (this is for 8 and older), and the average working class person is making 2800-5500gh monthly.(presently, the exchange is 24.70gh to the $1.00 U.S.)  And average working class are taxed approx. a total of 20% of that salary. Government funding has been dramatically cut due to the war in Ukraine.  We NEED more teaching to those orphans HOW to manage those monies…this is an interesting thought for all those supporting the ‘poor aging out orphan.’  One must be very careful to help where and how help is needed and that there is accountability for that help.   We offer our foster care home to some aging out orphans, that will abide by the rules of the house.  Some are not able to do this.  To live in the house one must agree to the rules, and stay in school.  Children are taught life skills in the home, and are prepared to one day live on their own.

*the pension for a physically or mental challenged individual is 1500 gh per month, approx. $90.

Once an orphan reaches 9th forum (9th grade), they have the option to graduate and go on the trade school, where they will live in somewhat condemned conditions for 2 years to learn a ‘trade’, usually something like welding, crane operator, miner, cook, seamstress, hairdresser; where upon they graduate in 2 years and are basically done. While in the trade school they will receive approx. 850gh (about 110.U.S.) housing, free education, and 2 meals a day. Many orphans take this option, as they want OUT of the internot, but what they don’t understand is that this totally limits their future earning potential. Option #2, What we are TRYING desperately to encourage them to do is to STAY in school for the 10th and 11th forum, graduate so that they can then go to Technical school, or even the university, where they will receive the free education, lodging, 2 meals, and 2000 – 2400 (we know of some receiving this much) gh (approx. $245. U.S.), and a much higher earning potential due to better choices of study. What we (my friend and I and a few others doing work with older orphans) need are people to sponsor these kids. Even with the gov. help, it would be nice to have someone send them a birthday gift, or funds to improve their living conditions, new sheets, really just anything, with supervision. Remembering that only a fraction are adopted, please help us, help the ones left behind. Sometimes, it is easier to ‘adopt’ them from afar, and sponsor them to stay and live in their native country with Christian foster parents.

Thank you for having a heart to help; we need you.

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