Comments From Our Donors

His Kids Too! has over 2500 volunteers in 33 states, and 6 countries. We invite you to actively help orphans, please contact us, we need you!

Frequently His Kids Too! donors and volunteers drop us a note, we’d like to share with you some of their comments:

  1. “You are my hero” – Nastia
  2. “…I love your ministry  and I will try to support your efforts in every way I can.” MBC
  3. “Your ministry is a blessing to us as well as to so many kids.” Linda G.
  4. “What a blessing to be a part of this ministry.” Debbie C.
  5. “Please put this towards the Children’s Home…God is good, and will provide.”  Angie W.
  6. “Please use this donation to God’s glory. V. Gantt
  7. “Thank you for all you do for Jesus and the kids…” Linda G.
  8. “Please buy cookies and bananas for all the dear kids and tell them, that we love them and pray for them each day.” Irina
  9. “What a legacy of love and leadership you are building, and an inspiring example you are to the rest of us…” Anna G.
  10. “Thank you for caring for those less fortunate, thank you for giving your time and love…may God Bless you.” Florence S.
  11. “…We sold our house and are sending the ministry a portion…” Andy and Beth
  12. “Thank you for talking with my classes…I have great ideas as to how to expand fund raising…bless you…” Cara C.
  13. “I looked on the website at the March 2007 need. Use this for any of those things listed on that list – food, juice, OTC medicine, etc.” MJN
  14. “Please use this money to provide a year of church services to any of the orphanages. I am so glad this is an important part of your services.” Angie W., MO.
  15. …”We are proud to present this check to go towards your great efforts in sharing the love of our Savior Jesus Christ, with those orphans and widows that are so desperately in need.” … Ebenezer UM Church, MO
  16. “Thank you for doing so much to help people adopt children who would otherwise be without parents and stuck in orphanages or worse.” R.P.
  17. “Thank you for your kindness to so many…” Lynn, OK
  18. “I read about your grant. Congratulations for all your hard work. You areactually saving lives – others merely talk aout it.” Guy M., FL
  19. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be of service – ” Margaret, VA
  20. “A significant thing about what you do, in my perception, is that you are there to do whatever you can to help forgotten people, constantly open to what God has and from who that help will come….constantly open to expanding to meet a need you newly become aware of…” Michelle S.
  21. “Thank you for the wonderful work that you do. May God reward you as you continue to serve Him through His children.” Anna H., AL
  22. “…We are so excited to send this donation….it is a privilege to be part of what God is doing…” Dan S.
  23. “…I have felt the need to buy and send items that would ease the discomfort felt by these people and now feel even more dedicated to this cause…we can be grateful and thankful for people like you who care…” Lucille M., NM
  24. “…I feel impressed by the Lord to make this donation to help you with your mission with with Ukrainian orphans, etc. …” Betty C., TX
  25. “…you are constantly watching and listening to see where the Lord will take you that day, how He is going to get you there, and what the needs will be…” Michelle S., CA
  26. “…I am respectful of the Lord God’s commends and felt compelled to find and donate to those charities that actually do God’s will. I believe that you fine people at His Kids, Too! do through your charitable giving and mission work which seeks to teach the word of our Lord God through its ministry.” John F., WA
  27. “…We have directed funds to His Kids, Too! because we trust your judgment in their application….we have every confidence in your dedication to the ministry that God has put before you. He has clearly blessed your efforts…” Jimmy and Mary Alice B., AR
  28. “…Thanks for the opportunity to give and for providing specifics as to where the money goes – May God bless you as you continue to serve Him.” Rita L., FL
  29. “…The people of the XXX Community, intentional community located in XXX VA, actively seek out and support programs that promote social justice for all. In this spirit, we are enclosing this donation … to help your organization and effort…” Mary L. M.
  30. “…Thank you so much for everything you do for XXX, orphans and Ukraine…” Nina A., CA
  31. “…Thank you for the wonderful work being accomplished through His Kids, Too!…May God bless you and all of your staff.” Karen P., GA
  32. “…we extend our love to the children of Ukraine and hope this expression finds needy children. We are sure it will and we pray for your ministry…” Joanne B., FL
  33. “…It is wonderful to hear that God has raised up an organization like yours. Please earmark these funds for the area of greatest need in Ukraine…” David S.
  34. “…My heart is heavy for the children at the orphanages in Ukraine, hope this will help some with goods, or something the children need…” Teresa D., FL
  35. “..thank you for your reliable stewardship of donor funds…” Melanie G.

“Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere.” Elie Wiesel

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