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*** Program suspended in UA due to war –  For as little as the cost of three fast-food lunches, you can provide essentials for a child in Ukraine for a month. The support you provide will be used to purchase items for the neediest children each month, but without leaving any children out. In order to comply with Ukrainian law, your sponsorship cannot be child-specific, i.e. devoted to only one child who is identified. You may in fact end up helping six children, or even more, if we are able to find goods for less money.  We especially do not want to show favoritism so that children without sponsors feel left out, while others receive wonderful gifts.  We would rather give a small gift to EVERY child then one child receive a backpack full of goodies, while others sit and watch.

Please consider skipping one lunch a week for a month and using that money to sponsor an orphan, or invest in a project that will benefit a whole facility. Invite your Bible Study group or workplace group to join together in sponsoring an entire classroom of children. Look at the photo gallery to see some of the grateful smiles you can help create.

Package #1 – $100/month per child

Basic sponsor of a child 0-3 years old

  • Diapers – 3 diapers per day
  • Clothing
  • Socks and shoes
  • Medicine
  • Blanket

Program Sponsorship:

  • Summer Bible Camp – food for the camp, approx. $3,000
  • Educational Tutoring – $1200.00 annually
  • Abstinence Education – a one time gift of $7,000, annually $1500.00
  • Diabetic Supplies – $200.00 monthly
  • Orphan sponsorship for college – $250.00 per child per month
  • Christian Children’s Home – Building project – contact us for details

Package #2 – $100/month per child

Basic sponsor of a child 4-18 years old

  • Clothing
  • Socks and shoes
  • Food
  • Personal care products
  • Blanket

Facility Packages

Larger items for whole orphanage use

  • Baby swings – $30 each
  • Strollers – $30 each
  • Tricycles – $18 each
  • Walkers – $40 each
  • Juice program – $400 for 180 children 2x times a day (monthly)
  • Commercial washers – 1 – $1,400
  • Hot water heaters – 3 per orphanage – $600 each
  • Upgrade heating systems – $2,000
  • New flooring – approx. $500.00 per room (all depends on size of room)
  • Medicine – $0.55per day per child
  • Beds – $30.00 each
  • Linens – $600.00 for a 200 bed facility
  • Bathroom renovations – $5000.00
  • Heating renovations – $20,000.00

6 thoughts on “Be a Sponsor

  1. Hello, I would like to support a specific child, but your website says: “In order to comply with Ukrainian law, your sponsorship cannot be child-specific, i.e. devoted to only one child who is identified”. Can you please specify WHICH Ukrainian law states that? Thank you!

    1. Due to the illegal invasion of Ukraine by russia, all children have been moved to safe locations..we do not have, nor can we provide information on any orphans, children in foster care, or children who have become orphans. You can probably reach out to the Ukrainian consultant in Washington D.C., they may be able to provide more information,

  2. Hello. We are a family of 4 people and dogs looking for a formal sponsor to go to the USA. We will be very grateful

    1. Thank you for your note. We are bringing over our personal friends from UA to the US. I’m very sorry we can’t sponsor you too,

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