Summer Bible Camp

Summer Bible Camp 

>>>>2022 – Due to the war, all travel to UA is prohibited<<<<<
A team of Americans travel to Ukraine and work cooperatively with Ukrainians to teach God’s word to orphans. This program will eventually be an outreach of a local church in that area, and the American’s will provide materials, crafts, Bibles as support help to local congregation.    


Our vision: is that orphaned children in Ukraine can grow in an atmosphere of dignity and respect, fulfill their God-given potential and, ultimately, participate in the economic and spiritual future of their country.

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  1. Hi would like to learn more about a volunteer opportunity. We are Canadians and learned of this ministry on CNN, was moved by the work and vision/hope for the people under such oppressive times as these. We are healthy and active and live a life under the Holy Spirits leading,
    Repenting and Rejoicing, Always,

  2. Hello, and thanks for your interest, unfortunately with the active war in eastern Ukraine traveling to Ukraine is impossible for foreigners, unless you own property there, but you can assist those who are able to travel there, and our Ukrainian staff that live there. If you’d like more information on how to help those who are actively working with the children you see in the recent photos, please contact us, and we can steer you in the right direction. Thank you again for your interest, and please be safe during this pandemic

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