January 2003

This letter was sent from the Director in response to the huge outpouring of donations from students at Florida Elementary School (Tallahassee, FL) and Raa Middle School (Tallahassee, FL), some of these donations were distributed during the Christmas Holidays, and the rest will be distributed in Spring of 2003.

January 2003

Hello Dear Young Friends!

The Administration of Dzerzhinsk boarding school greatly thanks you for your consideration towards our children! Orphans from our school received many useful and beautiful Christmas presents. Thank you very much for your great help, your care and hard work. We greatly thank Mrs. Fillmon and her family for the bridge of friendship they have built between our countries. We are also thankful for your warm letters and we hope to become friends with you! You are always welcome to our school!

The Director of the Dzerzhinsk Boarding School

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