November 11, 2003

November 11, 2003

Students and facility of the Dzerzhinsk Orphanage for minors left without parents’ care sent our thanks and appreciation to our dear American friends. Every time Teresa visits us- she warms the hearts of all the kids. They wait for her to come more and more, and can’t wait till the next visit of Teresa. Thanks to her, they not only get many presents, but also get to know about life of their peers in America. Every child thoroughly enjoyed their presents. Everybody got a pair of new slippers, socks, towels, soap, toothbrush, comb, clothes, new crayons, and some table games. Kids also enjoy their new sheets!

Thank you very much for all your help. God bless you.

Students and staff of the Dzerzhinsk Orphanage.

Dear American friends!

We, students of a public Boarding School in Dzerzhinsk are always glad to meet with you! Not just happy to see you, but wait until the next time our friends from across the ocean will come to visit. Thank you very much for all the presents you bring every time. We really appreciate them and value your thoughtfulness and wisdom when you answer our questions. This kind of meetings gives us a little more care and attention that we lack sometimes.

Our beloved and very respected Teresa Fillmon appears to be a little “connection” between Ukrainian and American friends. This also helps the friendship between America and Ukraine.

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