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His Kids Too! has long standing relationships with 27 orphan facilities, children hospitals, Internots, shelters, we visit them on each trip, to assess needs and check on accountability of donations.  They profusely thank us, we do not require a formal letter, but have translated those who have written letters of thanks, below for your review.

Dec 2010

I’d like to express my gratitude for your attention to our children. Many residents of our children’s home are deprived of parental guardianship due to various circumstances: irresponsible or asocial behaviour of parents, deprivation of paternal rights, illness or death of parents. Most likely, for these reasons, we adults have a certain moral obligation in relation to such children. We ourselves try to improve their lives and ask for the help of others.

We would be very much obliged to you if you find the possibility to congratulate our children on New Year and Christmas.


Head physician of the centre “Health”,

Municipal TB sanatorium

№ 6 for children,


_______________ Alexander Stepanenko

Lomonosov Str. 1,

Donetsk, Ukraine, 83042

March 2008

His Kids Too! is happy to announce that for the year 2007, $30,704 was awarded in grant for those adopting internationally.

March 2008
Thank you very much for your interesting and useful lectures for our school children and teachers. It was nice of you to find the time and desire to come here and give us help which is needed. We wish you all the luck and happiness. Remember, that you are always welcome here!
The pupils and teachers of School #18, Zheleznoe village, Donetsk region

March 2008
Dear Friends,
The Administration of Dzerzhinsk Secondary School #9 is very grateful for your interesting and informative work with 10 and 11 grades. We wish you success in promoting healthy style of life,
The Principle
T.A. Tihonova

March 2008
Mrs. Teresa!
We would like to express our words of gratitude for your work in our school. You lectures left a great impression on our children. You left a piece of your soul in our children’s lives. Now we know that our problems may concern not only us but also such great people as you are. We would like you to visit us again, and have such capturing lectures. You are wonderful psychologists. It is proved by the fact that you are able to connect with our children easily.
We thank you for your heartfelt work and care,
The Director of the School
V.N. Lyulkovich

Dear Teresa,
The administration of the school #7 thanks you for the organization of the wonderful lectures, for your great helping in bringing up and providing the ‘healthy way of live’. We highy apprecaite your desire to bring up a healthy generation on our planet.
School Principal I.V. Boldyreva

Fall 2007

The staff of Dzerzhinsk Department of Education is grateful to you for organizing seminars on formation health way of life. Your great work had a success among the students and teachers of our city.

We hope for our mutual cooperation in future. We will be happy if you could find an opportunity to organize such work with teachers boys.


Chief Director of Dzerzhinsk City, Department of Education

Subsequent letters from:

School #2

School #17

School #6

Letter of Thanks

The teaching staff and students of middle school #20 of the city of Dzerzhinsk express their sincere gratitude to the group of teachers from the USA and Teresa Fillmon personally for organizing a seminar on Living a Healthy Lifestyle. We greatly appreciate your work with the teenagers of our school on the topics of destructive habits, early sexual relations, AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.
We share your concern about the health of the youth of our planet and hope to continue our co-operation.

Director of Middle School #20 L. Glyshchenko

Thank you so much for your wonderful donation of test strips, glucometers and syringes. Our Diabetic Association here in Donetsk, Ukraine has only 18 members but we are trying to keep them in insulin and glucometers plus the testing strips to check their blood sugar. Your generous donation has helped us so much. Some of our members are amputees to diabetes that got out of control. Some of them are totally blind. We are hoping that doesn’t happen again. This we are trying to prevent!
I once again wish to express my immense appreciation for your contribution toward helping the diabetics most of whom are fellow Christians! Their needs are very real! They cannot possibly provide for buying glucometers, strips, plus insulin, the life saving drug they cannot live without!
Each month we minister to 18 diabetics, 4 of which are juvenile diabetics. It now costs $1300-1400 per month to keep our organization going and able to help those in desperate needs for their very lives. And we are very appreciated to everyone who helps to those people. Because if we have no money to provide their medicines and the testing strips, they can lose hope to live.

As the one who purchases and administers these funds and supplies let me thank you personally for making my job of serving these people easier!

In Christian love,
Ludmila Torshina

Summer 2007

Dear Teachers!

We wanted to thank you for being so kind to us, for you being so attentive. I wanted to say though because you spend your precious time with us, and taught us good things. That is why we love you so much. We want to say thank you for the lessons of wisdom and kindness you’ve taught us, for your gifts. May God protect you and your family. May your friends and relatives always support you.

From the students of the Bible camp 2007, with love and appreciation.

Dzerzhinsk, Internot 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Florida,

I thank Teresa Fillmon and God for this great work that has been done with kids in Dzerzhinsk Internot. This is an incredible labor and it can’t be estimated financially because it involved love, and warmth of heart and soul. Also brothers and sisters that came this time have helped a lot; kids were glad to have this time in the camp. Their eyes were filled with joy when they saw their teachers. They completed their tasks with pleasure and were always ready to answer questions from the Bible.

This whole they’ll keep their new friends in their memories and they will be looking forward to meeting them again.

May God always give strength to Teresa and her family, to all brothers and sisters that came here. May the Church grow spiritually and may God reward everybody up to what they have done.

With love of Christ Jesus our Savior,


February 2007

His Kids, Too! is happy to announce they were able to provide funds to assist in the purchase of quartz lamps for Gagarinsky orphange in Simferopol Ukraine.

February 2007
Donetsk City Shelter for Children and Teenagers
Donetsk, Ukraine

To the Charitable Organization “His Kids Too”,

The administration of the Donetsk City Shelter for Children and Teenagers No. 2 wishes to express their deep appreciation for your numerous acts of charity for our children.

We appreciate your working together with us.

With gratitude,

A. A. Dryomova
Director of Shelter No. 2

February 2007

The educational staff of the Novozhelanovski specialized general education school-internat, is appreciative to the charitable organization “His Kids Too!” for their attention to children-orphans. The office supplies given assisted the children in the process of studying and development. The classes you conducted with child-care workers in the school provided the children with many positive emotions.

M. V. Zverev

October 2006

October 2006

To the Director of the International Charitable Organization “HIS KIDS TOO!”,
Teresa Fillmon

Letter of Appreciation

The administration of the Shactersk City Shelter for minors “Zvyozochka” thanks you for your acts of charity (for the delivery of 30 pillows, 22 mattresses and electric water heater) towards our children, who are left without the guardianship of parents and find themselves in complicated living situations. Thank you very much for your care for our children!
T. P. Borot

Director of the Shelter pillows.jpg

Gratitude – October 2006

The workers of the children’s department of the City Hospital # 1 of the city of Dzerzhinsk express their sincere gratitude to Teresa Fillmon, the director of charity fund “His Kids, Too!” for care, attention and love and involvement in the lives of the children at the Children’s department who are deprived of parental care.

Because of you and your supporters we know that there is kindness and love for children in this world. The hearts of our workers and children are filled with joy and love every time you pay a visit to us. And this is the best reward for you help.

We are always happy to see you in our facility. Communication with you makes our souls kinder and brighter.

We wish you much happiness, dear Teresa, energy in your hard but necessary and noble work.

September 2006

Charitable Fund
Good Shepherd Shelter
7 Academicheskaya St.
Makeevka, Ukraine

“Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble. The Lord will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth:..”
Psalm 41:1-2

Dear Ray!
We send you greetings from the Charitable fund “Good Shepherd Shelter”!

We thank you for the support for the acquisition of the drying machine for our laundry.

dryer.jpgThank you very much for your care for our children. We thank God that in this way you became a part of our work; service to needy children is our common service. Praise God!

May the generous hand of the Lord bless you!
Be blessed!

With respect,
Vladimir Tsupko
Children and Staff
Good Shepherd Shelter

July 2006

To the director of international charity fund
“His Kids Too!”
Teresa Fillmon

The administration of the children hospital #3 of the Kirovo district, Donetsk expresses its gratitude for helping the orphans being treated in our hospital by equipping the facility with a water heater and constantly providing diapers.
The staff of the hospital is thankful to you for helping the needy in such difficult time for our country and the whole world. Your invaluable service gives hope that such virtues as kindness and passion for children are still alive among people, that people will realize their main calling-to bring joy and goodness, to take care about the neighbor and the needy, to help the weak. Only this way we will be able to establish peace and mutual understanding. Once again we thank you for your deeds. Were there more such people in the world, the life would become much better and more exciting. We wish you much health and success in all your activities.

With much respect
The chief doctor of the city children hospital #3

Gryzenko V.A.

July, 2006

To the director of the international charity fund
“His Kids Too!”
Teresa Fillmon

The administration, staff and the wards of the city specialized children home “Our Children” (Donetsk) express their deep gratitude for the care about the problems of the abandoned children and for such invaluable help and support.
May success attend you!

May God keep you safe; help you in your noble mission, in all your deeds and new projects.

The chief doctor of specialized children home
“Our Children” Logvinenko N.G.

Donetsk City Shelter for Children and Teenagers Number 2
83041, Donetsk-41
Yumasheva Street, #59
Telephone: 222-21-82

To the charitable fund

July, 2006

The administration of the Donetsk City Shelter for Children and Teenagers Number 2 expresses their deep gratitude for repeated gifts of charitable help to our children. We are happy to have your working together with us.

With thanks,
Director of Shelter Number 2 A. A. Dromova

March, 2006

In conjunction with other adoptive parents, His Kids, Too! granted funding for 1/2 the cost of the new refrigerator for Gagarinsky specialized internot in Simferopol Ukraine. Director, Ekatrina Gerasimenko was very pleased with the donation. Letter of thanks from project coordinator:

March, 2006

“Hi Teresa,
Thank you again for your help with this project. We were able to accomplish this because of His Kids Too stepping up and providing half the funds to purchase this industrial fridge. It inspired others to give the money for the other half!

Many blessings,
Beth T. ”

fridge2_A.jpg fridge2_C.jpg