March 2008

His Kids Too! is happy to announce that for the year 2007, $30,704 was awarded in grant for those adopting internationally.

March 2008
Thank you very much for your interesting and useful lectures for our school children and teachers. It was nice of you to find the time and desire to come here and give us help which is needed. We wish you all the luck and happiness. Remember, that you are always welcome here!
The pupils and teachers of School #18, Zheleznoe village, Donetsk region

March 2008
Dear Friends,
The Administration of Dzerzhinsk Secondary School #9 is very grateful for your interesting and informative work with 10 and 11 grades. We wish you success in promoting healthy style of life,
The Principle
T.A. Tihonova

March 2008
Mrs. Teresa!
We would like to express our words of gratitude for your work in our school. You lectures left a great impression on our children. You left a piece of your soul in our children’s lives. Now we know that our problems may concern not only us but also such great people as you are. We would like you to visit us again, and have such capturing lectures. You are wonderful psychologists. It is proved by the fact that you are able to connect with our children easily.
We thank you for your heartfelt work and care,
The Director of the School
V.N. Lyulkovich

Dear Teresa,
The administration of the school #7 thanks you for the organization of the wonderful lectures, for your great helping in bringing up and providing the ‘healthy way of live’. We highy apprecaite your desire to bring up a healthy generation on our planet.
School Principal I.V. Boldyreva

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