October 2006

October 2006

To the Director of the International Charitable Organization “HIS KIDS TOO!”,
Teresa Fillmon

Letter of Appreciation

The administration of the Shactersk City Shelter for minors “Zvyozochka” thanks you for your acts of charity (for the delivery of 30 pillows, 22 mattresses and electric water heater) towards our children, who are left without the guardianship of parents and find themselves in complicated living situations. Thank you very much for your care for our children!
T. P. Borot

Director of the Shelter pillows.jpg

Gratitude – October 2006

The workers of the children’s department of the City Hospital # 1 of the city of Dzerzhinsk express their sincere gratitude to Teresa Fillmon, the director of charity fund “His Kids, Too!” for care, attention and love and involvement in the lives of the children at the Children’s department who are deprived of parental care.

Because of you and your supporters we know that there is kindness and love for children in this world. The hearts of our workers and children are filled with joy and love every time you pay a visit to us. And this is the best reward for you help.

We are always happy to see you in our facility. Communication with you makes our souls kinder and brighter.

We wish you much happiness, dear Teresa, energy in your hard but necessary and noble work.

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