Summer 2007

Dear Teachers!

We wanted to thank you for being so kind to us, for you being so attentive. I wanted to say though because you spend your precious time with us, and taught us good things. That is why we love you so much. We want to say thank you for the lessons of wisdom and kindness you’ve taught us, for your gifts. May God protect you and your family. May your friends and relatives always support you.

From the students of the Bible camp 2007, with love and appreciation.

Dzerzhinsk, Internot 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Florida,

I thank Teresa Fillmon and God for this great work that has been done with kids in Dzerzhinsk Internot. This is an incredible labor and it can’t be estimated financially because it involved love, and warmth of heart and soul. Also brothers and sisters that came this time have helped a lot; kids were glad to have this time in the camp. Their eyes were filled with joy when they saw their teachers. They completed their tasks with pleasure and were always ready to answer questions from the Bible.

This whole they’ll keep their new friends in their memories and they will be looking forward to meeting them again.

May God always give strength to Teresa and her family, to all brothers and sisters that came here. May the Church grow spiritually and may God reward everybody up to what they have done.

With love of Christ Jesus our Savior,


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