The Zeren Family

 My family has been greatly touched by the mission trips a few of our friends made to India. Through them we came to know and love a little girl with special needs, currently living in an orphanage. We very much want to be her family. We have three wonderful sons, AJ, Ben and Henry, who are all very excited about having a little sister to care for and play with.

Will and Michelle met while in college, and have been best friends for 11 years, married for over 8 wonderful years. The years have flown by quickly, and our three sons bring us so much joy. Michelle has an Early Childhood Education degree, as well as a BA in English. She loves children and greatly enjoys being a mom. Currently she is a stay at home mom and a free-lance Search Engine Optimization writer. Will enjoys nothing more than a nice game of soccer with his boys and cooking with his wife. He is a Civil Engineer and greatly enjoys showing his boys the blueprints for future building projects. A perfect day involves outside time and games with his family. He is greatly looking forward to having a little princess to indulge.

Our family loves to be outdoors and spend simple time together, camping, hiking, and just enjoying each other. Cooking together and eating every meal together is something we feel is important, as it gives us all time to just talk and unwind from the day. We put a lot of importance on keeping our family strong and really interacting with and paying attention to the needs, feelings and thoughts of everyone. We are very blessed.

We are praying for a $4,600.00 grant to help with some of the final fees we need help to pay soon.

We are so very humbled by the help we have gotten so far, and we greatly appreciate the support, prayers and love we have gotten as we work hard to bring our little girl home to us.

If you feel called to make a tax deductible donation, please send your gift to the address below:

His Kids Too!
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