The Roberts Family

We are Brandon and Sarah Roberts and we have four young sons. We’ve known each other since high school and have been married for nine years. Early in our relationship, we shared with each other that we felt called to someday grow our family through adoption. Our family expanded quickly with four little boys, right in a row. After our fourth son was born, God moved in Sarah’s heart in a big way. Before we knew it, our hearts were longing for the daughter we know God has chosen for our family. We can’t wait to bring her home. Her brothers pray for her and talk about her constantly. When we began our journey, we believed we would be adopting from Ethiopia. However, a little girl on the Waiting Child List through our agency captured our hearts and God has moved in us once again, this time to South Africa. At this time, we are trying to complete the necessary steps as quickly as possible, as well as gather the funds to bring our daughter out of an orphanage, into our home and into our family, where she belongs. We are so grateful for all support, prayer, and wisdom of those that choose to walk this path with us. We believe what God has commanded, He will accomplish.

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