Mobbed by the Masses

Chapter 12


With the gift of the food, brings the responsibility to GET IT TO THE PEOPLE.   After asking church members to assist and not getting a very positive response, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and I KNEW where we could help some people.  After taking the kids to the lake, took them all home, with exception to Alena, as she has helped me in the past, and is a good helper.   Alena is 13, lost her mom 2 summers ago, to probably cancer.  She is in dire need of a mother figure, and though we are friends, I try to keep my perspective on all this.  She lives with her grandmother, as her father has never recovered from the loss of his wife, Alena’s mother, and mostly comforts himself with ‘alcohol’ most of the day. He is a ‘gravedigger’, yes, they dig graves by hand, and most likely, he dug the grave for his deceased wife. The irony of all that is a bit much, but this is reality. I ask if she has the time to help me, and she gladly helps, I think if nothing else for the positive interaction with an adult.  The food boxes are loaded in the van and ready for distribution, so we are off to give food away!!!    IT is always an exciting time to bless someone, brings good cheer to ones heart, not for our glory, but for the glory to God. We are only conduits for Him. We know our ‘calling’, we know our purpose.

I decide that we will go to an area that is full of gypsies, a.k.a. ‘gypsyland’.  God put this on my heart, as they are a somewhat neglected group of people. Gypsies have large families, many children, and are in great need.  The problem is, is that if you aren’t careful, while you are helping them, they are ‘helping themselves’ to everything in your car!  They are quite good at manipulation, and distraction, and though I’m aware of this, I only have 2 eyes, and Alena!   We look for groups of people, and see a group, and turn to the right, slowly heading down the dirty, dusty road…and then I see, oh my goodness, like 50 people come pouring out of this covered area, and start running towards the van.  We are now stopped in the road, surrounded by children and adults.   I get out, and 2 of the woman recognize me, though I think I only know one of them, but I’m not completely sure.  We are being MOBBED to say the least.  They are screaming and yelling at me, ‘’what do you have for me….give me, give me, give me..’’ they are yelling.   I get to the rear of the van and raise my hands to quiet them, and Alena is able to speak and say what we are doing and what we have.  I immediately realize that we don’t have all the boxes, and some are still at the center because we ran out of room, but we don’t have enough for this large crown, though we do have some, and some clothing.  So, we give what we can, and say that we will return in 30 minutes.  They are screaming and yelling, it was scary for me, I’m sure for Alena too.  One of the woman who I thought I recognized, walked over and said, ‘you are Teresa, I know you, you have helped me before, thank you so much for remembering us.’   I told her, ‘you are very welcome, and I will be back in 30 minutes. ‘   She kindly smiled at me.  A kind face in the storm, thank you God!!

Alena and I dash back to the center, and retrieve the remaining boxes, and grab several shorts and dresses made by our friends at Lone Oak Church of Christ.  Wish we had more baby clothing, but we have nothing for babies.  The people are VERY desperate, and I know when I return, it will be ‘survival of the fittest’…it is scary with those grannies…they just get up in your face, and DEMAND that you give to them.   Like you owe them something, instead of YOU choosing to give…there seems to be a hierarchy and some DEMAND the attention, even though I ignored them…and gave to those more quiet in the rear of the pack.    We returned to the house, and they were all on the road waiting….Alena and I held hands and said a quick prayer and we were out the doors and MOBBED again.  We could not even get to the back of the van to hand out the things… yelling, screaming, pushing!!  Finally, we gained some control, and was able to unload the boxes, to grannies ‘screaming in my face’, about how ‘THEY DESERVE’ the boxes before anyone else.   I was able to make my way back to the quiet ladies in the rear, holding babies, and gave them 2 boxes, all the while, probably being cursed at by the grannies~~ but it is fine, it just floats off my back.  God is greater than all this.!   The children are thrilled to have clothing, many are literally naked, or only have underpants on, and most are absolutely filthy from head to toe.  It is sad to see the lack of care of these little helpless ones.     We are able to get the items distributed, and some photos before Alena motions me to ‘get in the van’, seems someone said something to her, and it was time for us to EXIT, still don’t know what was said, but either, we needed to ‘get out’, or they said something impolite to her.   Alena and I get back to the center, and thank God for this time of sharing the love of Jesus with others, even if it was difficult.  I am thankful for the food, and we now have only a few items left, not much to make up bags, but still some ‘odds and ends’ to distribute.  Maybe tomorrow, but as the night ascends on us, the booms are getting more frequent, so I don’t know what tomorrow brings.   Good night.

8/5/14 –  9: 00 a.m. – Bombs continued throughout the night, and they seem to be closer .   As the morning progressed, I could hear the plane(s) and…wow, had an air strike in Dzerzhinsk, could hear it… ugh…I hope they have not invaded us again!    Ukraine must hold on to Dzerzhinsk.  I pray over the day, and know God is in control.  I have a full day planned, as I’m going to try to get over to the little house house and complete my work over there, of sanding and spot touch up painting on the house. 

12:25, returned from the house and completed all work; the booms continue but now (thank the Lord), they are in the distance.   ‘What’ distance is ‘what’ is in question, as my friends in Ghorlovka, Lena and her mother, Ludmilla (in Gorlovka) are writing me now, texting that they are in the cellar and to pray for them, as Ghorlovka is being bombed.  I have invited them to come here and stay, but they can’t leave the shelter of the cellar…too dangerous.   I stop and pray for them.  Ludmilla’s husband Eugenia is a pastor in Ghorlovka, they are both wonderful servants, and have a congregation of about 225, now down to 150.  They hang on for their congregation, and refuse to leave.  I assure them and I’m fine, and that my ‘door is open to them or anyone they know…and that I’m praying for them.’ Their 2 daughters, and their families also live in Ghorlovka.  After praying for this family and their congregation, I decide to bake for the soldiers, as while I was at the other house painting, I was able to pick zucchini.  The men haven’t figured out what the ‘green’ stuff is in the muffins, but they like them, and that is all that matters.   When I’m totally bored, but need to stay busy, I bake zucchini muffins, as we have an over abundance of the vegetable, and it makes great muffins.  I have probably baked 1000 muffins and given to neighbors and of course UA soldiers. 

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