Margaret S.

margaret.jpgI was 45 before I thought seriously about bringing children into my life. But once I made the decision to adopt, my life started on a course that has taken me to places in my heart and soul that I never knew existed. I travelled to Ukraine in November, 2003 and returned home the proud parent of two small boys, now ages 4 and 5. As a single woman, I have struggled many times over the past two and a half years, but my faith in God and the support of my church and friends have helped me to make the transition to a loving parent.

I published my adoption book, "The Pumpkin Patch: A Single Woman's International Adoption Journey" in 2005; part of the reason I did so was to share my story with others who were considering adoption as a way of adding children to their lives. I knew deep in my heart that my experience in Ukraine had ignited a passion to help the children who have not yet been adopted.

Through the various groups that I joined, I came across and read with interest about their involvement with orphaned children in Ukraine. Several months ago I read an email that Teresa sent about a boys' prison in Ukraine. After reading about the dismal conditions faced by the orphans who were incarcerated, I committed to raising $1000 to help them. I have been blessed with a wonderful career as a marketing consultant, and through my connection with a group of people at AOL and my church, we raised over $1100. I also contributed two large boxes of warm clothing and shoes for the boys. It was a wonderful feeling to know that I was part of an effort to give these boys food that would feed their hunger and clothes to warm their bodies–knowing that my boys might very well have ended up at that prison had I not adopted them.

I am grateful to Teresa for providing me with an opportunity to share my blessings and good fortune with these innocent children.

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Directors Note: Margaret (and her friends) continues to support the prison boys ministry, and recently sent 75 personal care bags to Ukraine for them. Thank you!

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