Malaysia Airline Flight 17

July 17, 2014

We had a quiet day today until 7 pm. When my oldest son, Dallas called from the U.S., sharing the sad news that a Malaysian Airliner was shot down by what appears to be the separatists using RU ‘land to air’ BUK missile.  The flight was traveling from RU to Amsterdam, with most passengers being Dutch, 294 people were killed on the plane. It was shot down over Toraz, a town we know very well.   This town is home to the Toarz ‘Rehabilitation’ Hospital, and an orphan Internot where we have served women, and children classified as ‘invalids’, since 2004.  I say ‘rehabilitation’ hospital, because children enter, but never leave, unless they are being transferred out.  In all the years of association with them, I never once saw any PT or OT work going on with anyone.  Our relationship with the facility was fractured when we were approached by The London Times to do an undercover story on the facility and the conditions that the residents are made to live in .  I escorted a group to the facility, where a photojournalist took over 3000 photos of the women, and children; the facility, the food, and care, or lack there of.  After the story hit the press, sadly we were told we could not return to the facility.  Though we have been to this town probably 60 times, provided thousands of dollars in aid, formed relationships with children; we were forbidden to return.   And now a plane has been shot down in the fields just kilometers from these facilities. We don’t have much news on this, as our new is controlled by russia. I must rely on my family and friends around the world to tell me what is going on… But, it is just shocking; it is like what is this world coming to at all.   And Syria invaded the Gaza strip…parallel it, RU and Crimea, it is like tanks vs., sticks.!!   Who will come to their aid?  Who will help them in their time of need?   Who will help us in our time of despair.??   We only have 5 stones to kill this Goliath! God help us!  It is an outrage!

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