Fall 2006

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Fall 2006 Travel Report

October is a great time to travel to Ukraine. The weather is fairly nice, and the trees are beautiful. His Kids, Too! Director, Teresa Fillmon, advisory board member Walter Steely and volunteer Kevin Mack had 2 busy weeks in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. Our time was well spent, moving throughout the region, visiting 18 facilities housing over 4300 children and adults, and leaving a trail of aid on our path. Because of your generous giving, thousands of children and adults received clothing, medicine, food supplements, shoes, bedding, toiletries, and much more.

It was a great time of fellowship for the saints at the Kirovo Church in Dzerzhinsk, and each worship time brought visitors. The church helped with a great service project of putting together the personal care bags for the orphans.

We met an American woman adopting 2 of our wonderful students from our summer Bible camp. Her mother was accompanying her, and it was such a joy to get to know them, and have their assistance with clothing distribution at the local Internot. We hope that we can continue our contact with the kids and their family, after they return. Additionally, another set of siblings are being adopted by a Canadian couple. It was really exciting to know that 4 children are moving into great homes, but we should continue to pray for that transition. Overall, adoption in Ukraine is in need of prayer. Hundreds of couples wait for the government to reopen for new dossiers, while they try to serve those who have already been waiting for over 1 year.

It is vital that each of you know that you are important to His Kids,Too! You play an important role in the life of a child. Every donation is appreciated, every toothbrush, every bar of soap, every pair of shoes, every heavy coat, etc. Without you, there is no way we could serve the thousands of unserved orphans and needy in Ukraine. You are making a difference!

Below is the breakdown by facility of aid distribution. Please feel free to review the many photos in the Photo Gallery on the website, www.hiskidstoo.org. Direct Aid to facilities from His Kids, Too!:

Artum Hospital

2 large boxes of clothing – Frieda and Lucille, Columbia Sportswear, MWCOC Toys – Jody G. His Kids, Too! Medical uniforms Night-lights Rash cream, wooden tongue depressors, thermometers, gloves PAMPERS – IPC Grant Heater for rehab. room

PROJECT from summer: Start the rehabilitation room project: wallpaper, paint, and review catalog for ordering items – we are pleased to report this room is COMPLETE with special thanks to a sponsor that wishes to remain anonymous (please see our Photo Gallery for the wonderful photos of the completed room

Needs: Funds for diaper program Funding for juice Funds for medicine

Internot – Dzerzhinsk

8 boxes of clothing – Raa Middle School – Columbia Sportswear, Andrea S. (and friends), Rachel E. Personal care bags – Central CoC, Sandy J. Facility – first aid supplies, large shampoo, toothpaste(s), lotion Underwear – Central CoC Fruit – GO Bananas New shoes – IPC and Anne H. 180 Mattresses – Funding provided by grant from Glendale Rd. CoC Bananas *

Needs: Personal care bags 100 towels – $200 to purchase in country Shoes (a constant need) Winter coats Easy board games – checkers, chess, puzzles

Donetsk Regional Children’s Psychiatric Hospital (NEW) Art supplies clothing

Needs: 100 sheets

Shaktrusk Internot

Blankets – Mary D. and South Trail CoC 3 boxes of clothing/shoes Personal care bags – Central CoC Facility – first aid supplies, large shampoo, toothpaste(s), lotion

*NEW Abakymova Orphan Hospital

clothing – Frieda and Anne H. Facility – first aid supplies, large shampoo, toothpaste(s), lotion Pampers – IPC Grant – on-going

Needs: They are a part of the monthly diaper project – $50.00 monthly

Aids Hospital – this facility is well cared for by Brother Jaydon Rogers and friends. 1 box of clothing – Frieda H., Michelle S. shoes – IPC Medical care bag, diaper rash cream Pampers – IPC Grant – on-going Medical clothing

Needs: Working on a grant project for this facility – financial assistance for starting a new program for families infected with Aids (these are intact families) $250.00 monthly for Pampers

Our Children

Underwear – Central CoC Medical clothing PAMPERS – on-going Facility – first aid supplies, diaper rash cream

Needs: Pampers – $200 monthly – in country purchase Funds for antibiotics – $100.00 monthly – in country purchase

Dzershinsk Orphanage

3 boxes of clothing –Rachel E., Raa Middle school, Stuart W.

Underwear – Central CoC Personal Care bags for each child – Central CoC

Facility – first aid supplies, large shampoo, toothpaste(s), lotion

Shoes – IPC Day School Sports equipment Bananas *

Needs: Sports equipment – $100.00 will purchase in Ukraine Art supplies – $100.00 – will purchase in Ukraine Shoes (larger sizes – 6 – 10) Christmas boxes (please contact us for more information)

Mental Hospital

2 large boxes of clothing – MWCOC, Betty R., Andrea R. and friends

Donetsk Children’s Shelter

3 boxes of clothing/shoes – Anne H., Andrea R. and friends, Millbrook Presbyterian Church Coats – Columbia Sportswear Easy board games – checkers, chess, puzzles Facility – first aid supplies, large shampoo, toothpaste(s), lotion

Needs: Sports Equipment – $100.00 – will purchase in-country Boots/coats

Adult Shelter/Donetsk

Adult clothing – Kathy G., MWCOC Blankets – Frieda

Toraz Invalid Hospital

Bananas* Cookies clothing – shoes Hats – Hania L.

Needs: Please contact us directly for needs for this facility

Novroghorsk Internot

Hats – Hania Little, Frieda (gloves) Clothing – Raa Middle, Millbrook Presbyterian Shoes Art Supplies – Millbrook Pres. Personal care bags – Central CoC

Needs: Boots Sports Equipment – $100.00 We would like to have a sponsor for a project at this facility, contact us directly Easy board games – checkers, chess

Teremok Orthopedic Hospital

3 boxes of clothing – Anita B. Frieda and Lucille, Michelle S. Shoes – IPC Medical clothing Toys – Raa Middle School, Jody G., Rick S. PAMPERS – IPC Grant – on-going

New Facility

TB Children’s Hospital 2 boxes of NEW clothing shoes – IPC

Blankets – Mary D. and South Trail CoC


Medicine, boots

*NEW Hope of Dzerzhinsk Disability Group

This group will apply for a grant (contact us for specific details to help this deserving group of physically challenged children and adults)


Laptop for a teen with Cerebral Palsy for his institute studies

Medicine: Desferal for boy with iron problems Resistance exercise bands

Craft supplies – $30.00 Sports equipment – $50.00

Applying for a grant for specific needs for their facility – please contact us if interested in helping

House of Prayer Church of Dzerzhinsk. One very large box of mixed adult and children clothing – Andrea R., Jane W., Kathy L. 2 bags of shoes – Kathy G., IPC Barbies and cars – Raa Middle School

Kremenchuk Boys Prison 8 large boxes of jeans – Margaret S. and Glendale Rd. CoC.

Kivoro Church of Christ Boxes of clothing for local distribution House of Prayer 2 large boxes of children and adult clothing

We are excited about what God is doing in the hearts of so many people in Ukraine and are thankful for the continued opportunity to serve them.

Volunteer Updates: We are thankful that Kevin Mack was able to join us in Ukraine, and his medical knowledge was helpful. We hope that he and others will join us for a future trip. Special thanks to Margaret S. and her colleagues and friends Five HUGE boxes of clothing arrived. See Photo Gallery for photos. Additionally, because of a generous sponsor, the Artum Orphan Hospital has a rehabilitation room. We are pleased to report we are bringing another child to the states for medical care, and we are thankful to Fresh Start for their support in this effort. We are thankful to each of you for your continued support. His Kids, Too! has well over 500 volunteers in over 17 states. God is good!

PRESENT NEEDS: Please note our needs area below each facility listed above, as needs are ever present and many times facility specific.

– Medical professionals ARE NEEDED to volunteer for our Spring trip. His Kids, Too! has been invited again to present life saving information to orphan teen boys and girls. We have the curriculum: we just need medical professionals to present it. If you feel moved to spend 7-14 days in Ukraine ministering to this age group, please contact us before February 1, 2007. director@hiskidstoo.org

– Christian Children’s Home – we are happy to report that progress is being made, and since we are registered FUND in Ukraine; this will greatly benefit the status of this project. Funds are still needed to complete the project, please earmark your donations: ‘Christian Home’.

We thank you again for your love, support, prayers and encouragement, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Teresa C. Fillmon

Director/His Kids, Too!/Cornerstone Adoption Services, Inc. www.hiskidstoo.org www.cornerstoneadoption.com

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