Fall 2005

His Kids, Too! Travel Report Fall 2005

Our fall visit to Ukraine was exciting and very busy. We were pleased to have 3 additional sets of hands with us, as accompanying me were Peggy N. and Erin F. from CA, and Walter Lee S. from Murray KY. Time was short and work was aplenty, to God be all the glory.

 Our mission was 2 fold on this trip. First, Peggy and Erin were invited to give several presentations to the ‘young ladies’ of internots (boarding schools), shelters, and to local hospitals concerning women health care issues, and the dangers of drinking while pregnant. Of course, one main focus was abstinence, but the reality is some do not, thus issues like abortion, STD’s, alcohol, smoking, drugs, were reviewed, using a Godly perspective to teach the young ladies that these behaviors are not in God’s plan. Additionally, a workshop was presented to a local group of children with disabilities, their parents, and some local educators, showing them that these wonderful children can be integrated into the community with other children. Peggy, a physical therapist, demonstrated different techniques to enhance muscle tone, and encourage parental interaction with their children. Special thanks to Walter for ‘lugging’ his heavy laptop 7000 miles, as the DVD’s were a real ‘hit’ for the different groups. We had several local officials present at one presentation, and we are happy to report that this type of teaching is welcome. We have been invited to present a citywide workshop to all the public school administrators, teens, 2 groups working with the disabled, and to interested parents. Plans are in the works. If you are interested in the Spring ministry opportunity, contact us directly.

 Second, our trip would consist of visiting the facilities that His Kids, Too! already is servicing, assessing new needs, visiting new facilities that have requested assistance, working on the details of our Christian Home, visiting with church members, and teaching ladies Bible class when possible. With the help of the Lord and our wonderful interpreter, Vanya, all these goals were met. We encourage you to view photos from the trip on our website: www.hiskidstoo.org, under the Photo Gallery, Fall 2005. Below is a more comprehensive description of how you impacted the lives of children across the ocean, and what the needs are for spring 2006!

 Facility distributions:

Artum Orphan Hospital: Baby blankets (thank you Frieda H. and Mary D.), stockings, knitted hats, and booties; clothing, busy boxes/toys (thank you Neve and friends), shoes (Independent Presbyterian Church of Birmingham) sleepers, clothe diapers (thank you Frieda H.); blood pressure kits for children (thank you Glendale Church of Christ)

Dzerzhinsk Internat (61 orphans, 435 children) facility where ladies conduct Sunday A.M. Bible study: hats (thanks Honey L.), gloves, scarves (thank you Frieda H.), clothing (Raa Middle School); shampoo, toothpaste, markers (Peggy and Erin and friends), and crayons, sporting equipment, cookies and bananas. Erin and Peggy gave presentation to teen girls.

 Dzerzhinsk Orphanage (39 kids) and home to one of the 2 Sunday Bible studies: clothing (Raa Middle School), shampoo, toothpaste, markers (Peggy, Erin and friends), crayon books, sport equipment, cookies and bananas.

The Norvgorosk Internat is home to 50 orphans: Personal care bags for all children, clothing, sports equipment, markers, books, shampoo, and toothpaste. Erin and Peggy gave presentation to teen girls.

Teremok Orthopedic Hospital (60 +/-): clothing, toys, and stockings, shoes (Independent Presbyterian Church of Birmingham) Peggy shared helpful techniques to the staff and had an exchange of ideas. Funding for the diaper program, provided by Jimmy and Mary Alice B.)

Aids facility (130 children): clothing for 130 children (Neve and friends), 25 blankets (thank you Frieda, SouthTrail COC), knitted caps (Honey L.) and booties, shoes (Independent Presbyterian Church of Birmingham), children blood pressure kits (Walter S.), rubber gloves (Amy B.), electronic scale (thank you Jimmy and Mary Alice B.)

Our Children Orphanage (150 +/-): shoes (Independent Presbyterian Church of Birmingham) knitted hats and booties, toys, clothing, on-going juice and diaper program (This facility receives assistance from several sources.), funds were left for a Holiday Party (thank you Mark and Jenn S.)

Donetsk Internat: Funds for personal hygiene products for girls – $80.00 monthly for 100 girls. Erin and Peggy gave presentation to teen girls.

The Shelter: 3 big boxes of clothing, (Raa Middle School) shoes (Independent Presbyterian Church of Birmingham), children blood pressure kits (Walter S.), funds were left for the purchase of coats and boots (Peggy and Erin)

The ‘Home of the Forgotten’ (working from a provided list) 315 patients: boxes of clothing, cookies and bananas Mental Hospital (60 patients): Clothing (Elizabeth M., Meridian Woods COC)

Donetsk Feeding Program: This program started with 50 people, 3 have died (from age), and 3 are involved with one on one Bible studies. We have had one baptism so far, and one attends the Ukrainian Bible Institute. The program has been expanded to 70. In addition to food, clothing is provided when necessary.

Dzerzhinsk Feeding Program: This program has been disbanded to allow the local church to pick up this effort to assist their members. In general, any program should be a segway to teach, not enable, thus the saying, ‘you can feed a man a fish, or teach him to fish.’ We will revisit this program in the spring.


Donetsk Home for former convicts/homeless people (30 beds). This facility, run by the government came to our attention by Ray G. a His Kids, Too! board member. After a visit to the facility, it was determined that indeed we could assist these folks with mattresses, sheets, towels, and much needed clothing. This small assistance will help them get re-established in the community as productive citizens.

Donetsk Home for Mentally and Physically disabled men ages 18 and up: After visiting the ‘Home of the Forgotten’, we noticed that some of the older teens were missing. Upon questioning, we were directed to this facility. We came completely unannounced, and what we found was exceptional! A total surprise, and actually we encourage you to view the photos, as words can’t describe it. KUDOS to this director for his wonderful stewardship of the funds he has been given!!!

ADDITIONAL NEEDS MET: – 2 local churches received cold medicine for their members – serving the local needy in the Dzerzhinsk community – providing funds for a new local church – visiting with friends, providing encouragement, clothing and aide where necessary

Facility Needs: All facilities can use funds for the “Go Bananas for Orphans” program

Artum Orphan Hospital: sterilization machine

Dzerzhinsk Internat: shoes, boots, coats, clothing, and personal care bags

Dzerzhinsk Orphanage: personal care bags, shoes, boots, slippers, and coats Norvgorosk Internat : personal care bags, shoes, boots, coats, and clothing for teens

Teremok Orthopedic Hospital: clothing and orthopedic equipment, $150.00 to continue diaper and juice program (we have funding through Dec.)

Aids facility: the needs of this facility are being fulfilled, thank you Amy B.

Our Children Orphanage: $200.00 monthly to continue the diaper and juice program

Donetsk Internat: Funds for personal hygiene products for girls – $80.00 monthly for 100 girls.

The Shelter: CLOTHING and SHOES (the turnover is every 30 months for this 75 bed facility)

“The Forgotten” – This facility provided a needs list, and several U.S. churches are working together on this list. Specifically, personal hygiene products have been requested. Funds are needed for this desperately needy facility.

Mental Hospital: Clothing, socks and slippers, funds for medicine ($40.00 monthly)

New Facility for the Homeless and former convicts: clothing (men’s 28-31 waist, sm/med shirts), funds for food, please see photos for what they eat

Up coming events for His Kids, Too!: – Continue to ship aide to Ukraine for distribution – His Kids, Too! Director will be speaking in Valdosta GA, and Fresno CA. bringing awareness to the plight of orphans – Spring workshop in Ukraine, if you are interested, drop us a note – Continue to assist Christian families with adoption services in Ukraine – Continue to provide adoption grants to adopting families, when funds are available – Continue to take the gospel of Christ to the lost souls of Ukraine, and encourage those in the brotherhood to persevere in the faith – Christmas bags for orphans – we have a group working on this, please drop a note if you are interested in taking part.

I would like to personally thank Peggy N., Erin F. and Walter Lee S. for their sacrificial giving on this trip. Their time, energy, prayers, and funds were awesome. We serve an amazing God, and He provides our every need. He continually opens doors to opportunities of service, and you continue to provide the financial support for these programs. Some situations are more desperate than others, and we pray for discernment. We covet your prayers and appreciate your encouragement, and continued support.


Teresa Fillmon

Director/His Kids, Too!

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