July 2006

To the director of international charity fund
“His Kids Too!”
Teresa Fillmon

The administration of the children hospital #3 of the Kirovo district, Donetsk expresses its gratitude for helping the orphans being treated in our hospital by equipping the facility with a water heater and constantly providing diapers.
The staff of the hospital is thankful to you for helping the needy in such difficult time for our country and the whole world. Your invaluable service gives hope that such virtues as kindness and passion for children are still alive among people, that people will realize their main calling-to bring joy and goodness, to take care about the neighbor and the needy, to help the weak. Only this way we will be able to establish peace and mutual understanding. Once again we thank you for your deeds. Were there more such people in the world, the life would become much better and more exciting. We wish you much health and success in all your activities.

With much respect
The chief doctor of the city children hospital #3

Gryzenko V.A.

July, 2006

To the director of the international charity fund
“His Kids Too!”
Teresa Fillmon

The administration, staff and the wards of the city specialized children home “Our Children” (Donetsk) express their deep gratitude for the care about the problems of the abandoned children and for such invaluable help and support.
May success attend you!

May God keep you safe; help you in your noble mission, in all your deeds and new projects.

The chief doctor of specialized children home
“Our Children” Logvinenko N.G.

Donetsk City Shelter for Children and Teenagers Number 2
83041, Donetsk-41
Yumasheva Street, #59
Telephone: 222-21-82

To the charitable fund

July, 2006

The administration of the Donetsk City Shelter for Children and Teenagers Number 2 expresses their deep gratitude for repeated gifts of charitable help to our children. We are happy to have your working together with us.

With thanks,
Director of Shelter Number 2 A. A. Dromova

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